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For your business, looking good is non-negotiable.


I get it — you have a lot riding on the success of your business. In one quick glance, your customers need to know you’re legit and worth their investment. You’ve got to be absolutely unforgettable and stand out from the crowd (without feeling like you’re desperately shouting at the masses). After all, you’ve poured your heart and a healthy dose of late nights into your business and it needs to show — without having to patch things together on your own.  

I’m here to help.

Branding and launch design for professional and creative businesses | Alexa B. Creative & Design


I’m Alexa and telling stories through design is my jam.

I collaborate with passionate and driven creatives (like you) to design brand identites and visuals for their business that they’re proud of. I put together my first design portfolio when I was about eight years old (seriously) and since leaving my gig in professional sports design in 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses elevate their brand and look good doing it.


I’m here to be a teammate in your business — listening to every detail of your story, message and vision; cheering for you on launch day and beyond; and equipping you with the design elements to continue growing. My husband calls me “over-organized”, so you won’t have to worry about waiting days for a response or missing deadlines with me.

Planner and iced coffee in hand, I’ve got your back.

core values


I'm all about the team effort — no one knows your business quite like you do, and I'm confident in my skills and expertise as a designer. By combining our knowledge, skills and experiences, as well as building a mutually respectful, trusting relationship, we can achieve incredible results together.

Quality & Intentional Design

I'm devoted to quality in every aspect of my work and commit to maintain these standards with every single project. I also believe in a strategic approach to design, where each decision is made purposefully and carefully. Clearly defining goals and objectives will allow us to evaluate the success of a project.


Working with a designer should be fun. Crafting new assets for your business should be exciting. Launching your business, product, program — whatever we are working on — should be a celebration. I'm committed to helping you pursue your passions and making this process not only enjoyable, but exceptional.

If you’re ready to give your business the design treatment it deserves, or your brain is already buzzing with ideas for your next design project, holler at your girl.