The one tool you need for a consistent brand

A consistent and cohesive brand identity is without a doubt the best way to establish credibility and build customer recognition in your business. At the same time, your brand spreads across a wide-range of platforms and mediums, including your website, marketing collateral, the packaging of your products, advertisements, social media — the list goes on. So how in the world are you supposed to keep everything uniform?

A brand style guide serves as an inventory for all of the assets of your branding. Everything from logo variations and typography, to the style of photographs and writing style can be included. Having all of these elements outlined in one location is helpful as you continue to grow and expand your business. Here’s why this simple document is a must-have in running your business.

The one tool you need for a consistent brand + a FREE template · Alexa B. Creative & Design

Consistency & professionalism

The most important reason to use a brand style guide is to maintain consistency in your brand. Consistency is key to building brand recognition for customers and clients, as well as maintaining a professional standard for your business. Externally, assets from your business should appear the same way — same colors, fonts and logos — for everyone that comes into contact with them.

Rationale & Reasoning

A memorable brand identity is built on a solid brand strategy. But years later, you might not remember exactly why certain decisions were made. Including the reasoning behind the design provides a quick refresh on what individual elements signify and the overall strategy and objectives of your brand. Plus, if down the road the reasoning doesn’t resonate with your business, it can help you evaluate if it is time for a rebrand.

A Helpful Reference

Whether you are growing your team or outsourcing, a brand style guide serves as a reference for anyone working in your business. As a designer, I want to empower my clients to be confident and comfortable building on their brand identity on their own. A brand style guide specifically outlines everything from which fonts to use and how to get their exact brand color in one document. From there, they can create or recreate new graphic elements on their own that adhere to their brand’s style.

Additionally, a style guide is a reference to answer any issue that might come up. By outlining what is and isn’t acceptable for your brand assets, it is clear when something is done incorrectly.