Caitlin McCarthy

Caitlin McCarthy


Caitlin is a coach who inspires women to reconnect with their truth, beauty and strength. Through her one-on-one coaching programs, group programs and intensives, Caitlin also builds supportive and non-judgmental relationships with her clients. Caitlin takes a laid-back and grateful approach to life that allows her to enjoy the richness in the “every day” — and share that perspective with her clients.

The primary design objective was to create a brand identity that was genuine and true to Caitlin's friendly, laid-back and feminine yet edgy personality. Read more about the design process here.

Services Provided: Branding, social media

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Caitlin McCarthy branding
Alexa is just a pleasure to work with - all round! She’s always prompt! For example with return emails, whether they be with tweaks for design elements OR just discussing things. She is very patient & flexible. I loved it - I felt like I was being heard and cared for through the entire process! The whole vibe feels entirely like me (yay!) - colours, everything!
— Caitlin McCarthy