Kara Chappell Photography

Kara Chappell Photography


Kara Chappell is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Oak Harbor, Washington, a small, military town with plenty of gorgeous scenery. In order to stand out in a crowded industry, she wanted to expand her marketing efforts and highlight the personal care and attention she gives to all of her clients.

With a custom brand identity already in place and growing brand recognition, Kara crafted a distinct referral program in order to bring in new clients, as well as to encourage existing clients to spread the word about their experience. This new referral program required custom collateral, including referral cards (printed as business cards so they are easy to keep and hand out — genius!), gift cards, and personal notecards. In addition to these printed assets, Kara also wanted to spruce up her digital presence with a fresh e-newsletter header to give her emails a distinct touch. 

By incorporating elements from her exisiting brand identity, these marketing pieces will continue to grow brand recognition and consistency within Kara's business.

Services Provided: Business card, e-newsletter header, notecard, postcard

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The marketing pieces Alexa created for me will enhance my ability to effectively market to my clients, create brand recognition, and I believe will ultimately lead to client bookings. I love that Alexa and I even discussed where I can print it, so I ordered my products directly after she finished the project, instead of just letting them sit around on my computer for months.
— Kara Chappell