Dr. Levi Bassin

Dr. Levi Bassin


Dr. Levi Bassin is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Sydney whose practice specializes in TAVI (transcatheter valve implantation) and minimally invasive surgeries. As one of only two local surgeons providing robotic heart surgery, Dr. Bassin wanted to update his brand to highlight this premium procedure.

While Dr. Bassin receives a number of referrals from other medical specialists in the area, the updated branding was designed to primarily appeal to potential patients. The goal was to encourage patients, typically between the ages of 45-65, to “self-refer” based on the different and unique procedures Dr. Bassin offers and their benefits. This strategy aligns with Dr. Bassin's core values of putting the patient first and empowering them to dictate their care.

Dr. Bassin's brand is modern, luxorious & minimal.

The icon designed for this brand is modeled after the machine used in the robotic heart procedures. In the wordmark, the line from Dr. Bassin's original brand identity was incorporated in order to maintain consistency and brand recognition. As an additional consideration, many surgeons' websites are often dense with information and it can be diffucult for patients to understand procedures. With Dr. Bassin's brand, we took a different and minimal approach so that online and in marketing collateral, often complicated information about procedures can be easily digested.

Services Provided: Branding, Collateral

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