Liz Goodman Photography

Liz Goodman Photography


Liz Goodman is a family and lifestyle photographer in the Raleigh-Durham area. While she gained an interest in photography as a creative outlet for her adventure blog, once she got behind the camera, it felt like she belonged there.

The Liz Goodman Photography brand is adventurous, playful and authentic.

Liz prides herself on her ability to capture images that tell a story - joy, growth, love - and celebrate people, relationships, action, and time. She truly “captures the moment” by focusing on real and raw emotions — such as action shots of kids where you can see their genuine joy and love. Read more about the design process on the blog.


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Brand board and brand identity design for Liz Goodman Photography, a family and lifestyle photographer in Raleigh-Durham | Alexa B. Creative & Design