LyCorp Academy

LyCorp Academy


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LyCorp Academy is a business intelligence and analytics consultancy that focuses on turning clients' data into actionable insights. Their mission is to teach business owners how to better manage and unlock the value of their data, measure their company performance, and drive more profits into their businesses. Unlike its competitors, LyCorp wants to be known as a welcoming and approachable organization that provides clients with personal and attentive service.

Initially, LyCorp Academy had a logo in place and was simply looking to expand their current brand identity. However, the original logo was very "corporate" and did not align with their position as a warm and approachable business. With a strategic approach and a few tweaks, we developed a logo and complete brand identity that incorporated assets from the original design and paved the way for LyCorp Academy to move forward.

Designed in collaboration with Color + Market

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Branding for LyCorp Academy