My Social Media Strategy for 2019

My Social Media Strategy for 2019 | Alexa B. Creative & Design

Social media marketing — it’s a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? In this day and age, having a social media presence can be both a powerful tool and the difference maker in growing your audience. So we post, we comment, we hashtag and we do all the things we’re “supposed to,” and yet, keeping up with it all can still feel like a task or something you put a lot of work into, with not a lot of quantitative results.

At the end of 2018, I found myself getting burnt out by social media and it felt like more of a burden than a tool or resource. I decided to take a step back and evaluate how I was using social media for my business. I was posting just to check it off the list for that day, sharing my face on stories gave me stage fright, and it all felt tedious and unexciting. After some time away, I decided that in the new year, I would try a different approach to see if I could actually enjoy my time online and — dare I say it — use social media to help reach my business goals. Here are the three guidelines I came up with for my social media strategy in 2019.

Be social & Show Up Consistently

I think this is the number one reason why entrepreneurs (myself included) struggle with social media marketing. You have to show up and you have to show up on a consistent basis. Posting and engaging with others on an occasionally or sporadically won’t get you the results you want. This year, I’m focusing on using social media as a way to build and strengthen relationships with others, which means showing up consistently. I want to post purposefully and prioritize having conversations with the people behind those tiny squares. After all, it is social media.

Action Steps:

  • Plan content in advance instead of spending valuable time figuring out what to post each day

  • Scheduling time each day specifically for engaging with others

  • Start conversations with others by commenting on their posts or replying to their stories

Be intentional about who I follow

It’s so easy to spend time mindlessly scrolling or falling into a comparison trap on social media. And let’s be real — that’s not helping anyone. To avoid this, I’m focusing on only following the individuals and accounts that I have a personal or professional relationship with, as well as those who I want to build relationships with. That way each post that comes up on my feed is more likely to be something I’m interested in or someone I truly care about, and my time online is spent more wisely.

Action Steps:

  • Go through accounts you follow and unfollow accounts that make you feel less than or inadequate

  • Follow clients, friends, partners and individuals or brands you want to build relationships with

  • Be picky when deciding who to follow — after all, they’re taking up your time, space and energy

Sharing my perspective & expertise

As much as I completely understand and appreciate the value of blogging, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at keeping up with it. In the past, I’ve completely let this discourage me from sharing my unique perspective or educating others about branding and design. I know, not the best approach. I’ve come to realize you can provide value and build trust with your audience through social media alone. From there, they’ll visit your website and some of them might even decide to work with you.

Action Steps:

  • Again, planning content in advance is key here!

  • Make sure content is focused on educating your audience or sharing your perspective

I’m hoping that with these guidelines in place, I actually enjoy social media and it becomes a business task that I actually look forward to. And hey, if I can grow my audience and help my business because of it, even better! If you’ve got tips or would like to share your approach to social media marketing, let’s connect and cheer each other on!

My Social Media Strategy for 2019 | At the end of 2018, I was burnt out as far as social media goes. At some point, I had gotten caught up in posting just so I could check it off my list & mindlessly scrolling through my feed, making sure to double-tap a couple times for "engagement." Well no wonder social media marketing wasn't working for me! In 2019, I'm taking a different approach.