Building My Brand

Branding is just like telling a story. It’s capturing the personality and message of a business and translating it into visual and verbal elements. It’s building the foundation for first impressions and influencing the outside perception of a company. And it’s this crossroad between storytelling and visual design that got me hooked in the first place.

Not going to lie — telling the story when you’re the main character in the midst of it all can be quite challenging. Ask any designer who the most difficult client is and there is a good chance they will say themselves. It can be hard to zone in on other’s perceptions and expectations of your business when you’re living and breathing it every hour of every day (yes, I dream about my business on the reg).

While ABC&D's story began more than a year and half ago, it definitely took time to sort through the details and clearly define what I wanted my design studio to be. I needed room to grow and figure out what was working, as well as the focus on the type of clients I wanted to partner with (all while making sure the bills got paid).

So here I am, nearly two years later from when I started this journey, but also older and wiser. Relaunching my website and rebranding my business feels like a new chapter, but it also feels really right. I’ve got enough experience under my belt to know what I gotta do, who I want to do it for and most importantly, why.

Building My Brand: Moodboard for my business rebrand | Alexa B. Creative & Design

I want to work with liked-minded individuals and businesses who are absolutely bursting with passion. I want the design process with ABC&D to be a collaborative effort, with both parties bringing their strengths, knowledge and experience to the table. I want to design strategically and intentionally — where every step along the way, both the client and I can answer why we are doing it this way or that. I want to design graphics that are near and dear to the heart of my client’s business and also tell their story clearly for their audience.

And I love that the visual elements of my brand feel like they finally match that vision.

It’s approachable, but also classic (not trendy!) Simple, but definitely not skimping on the details. It’s a bit more “professional” because I take what I do very seriously, but it’s also a little playful because after all, I’m a creative. It feels like me and who I want my business to be. One of the best compliments I got before launching my new brand identity was that the fonts and design style were so me — mission a-freaking-complished.

Building My Brand: Brand identity presentation | Alexa B. Creative & Design

I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter in my business and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you all. Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’ve got years of experience under your belt, build a clear vision for your business — something with direction, intention and purpose.

But make sure to leave some room for growth.