How to Showcase Your Brand on Social Media | Savvy Social Podcast


When it comes to creating a consistent and cohesive brand, you can’t forget about social media! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest are all great places to connect with your target audience and show them what your brand is all about. Not to mention, you can also connect with and build relationships with other creative entrepreneurs along the way.

It was such a pleasure to chat with Andréa Jones of the Savvy Social Podcast about my own journey with social media, as well as how I’ve been able to help my clients showcase their brand online. Check out the episode using the link below!

Show Notes:

  • What branding entails and the impact of graphic design

  • How to showcase your work on social media

  • What it means to have a curated look and how to achieve this style

  • The importance of spending time to connect with others on social media

  • The value of being intentional when you schedule posts