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My Small Business Journey

Today officially marks ABC&D's second birthday! I remember 730 days ago shouting to the world (well, it was more of a whisper back then) that I had officially launched this little ol' design studio — and I haven't looked back since. I never imagined that this would be my career path and I didn't exactly plan for it to happen, but I couldn't be happier. Of course the journey hasn't always been easy and it certainly hasn't happened overnight, but I was looking for a challenge when started my business in the first place.

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Designing with Strategy

You finally did it — you found the perfect designer, booked your spot and you are so ready to begin creating that beautiful, Instagram-worthy logo you’ve been dreaming about. You know getting the right visual assets will push your business to the next level, so you are beyond ready to do the damn thing! But all of a sudden, you’re being assigned “homework” and filling out questionnaires. It seems like all your designer wants to do is talk, rather than design. Your first thought might be to get it over with as quickly as possible, so you can move on to the “good part” — but that would be a critical mistake.

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Building My Brand

Branding is just like telling a story. It’s capturing the personality and message of a business and translating it into visual and verbal elements. It’s building the foundation for first impressions and influencing the outside perception of a company. And it’s this crossroad between storytelling and visual design that got me hooked in the first place.

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