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There are more people than ever creating and selling online courses, programs, products and services.

With that much noise, it has become increasingly more challenging to grab — and keep — your audience’s attention. At the same time, you've put so much time, energy and heart into your signature offering, not to mention you have the skills and expertise to back it up. You want to make sure your visuals showcase that value to your audience without blending in with everyone else, so that you can launch with confidence, hit your sales goals and take your business to the next level.

Let’s make sure your offering stands out.

Designed to Launch

Timeline: 4-6 Weeks · Investment begins at $750

This package was created specifically to help business owners who want to up-sell or promote their signature offering, whether it’s an online course, group program, podcast, book or a specific product/service. Through a streamlined, step-by-step process, we'll partner together to create a distinct look for every component of your offering — from that freebie that gets your audience hooked, to a stunning sales page where they can’t help but to click “Buy Now!” — so you can focus on crafting quality content and launching with confidence.


What's Included


Launch Design Questionnaire
Creative Brief & Moodboard

Brand your Offering

Primary & Secondary Logo Design
Color Palette & Font Selection
Two Custom Patterns


Optional add-ons

Sales and/or Landing Page
Marketing Collateral
Content & Resources

The proof is in the puddin'

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Instead of...

  • feeling like you're shouting at the masses and trying desperately to get anyone's attention
  • settling for another generic and over-used template that blends in with everyone else's offerings
  • trying to launch on your own, scrambling to get things done and continuing to push deadlines (as well as your launch date) 
  • patching and piecing together unprofessional graphics that don’t represent the value of your offer

You could...

  • have visuals that stand-out above the rest and speak directly to your dream clients and customers.
  • have a custom brand and style for your offering that’s unlike anything else out there.
  • have an organized launch plan and an experienced designer who will deliver your design elements well in advance and support you every step of the way.
  • have a design that highlights all the must-have details and has your audience wanting more!

don't make me blush

“If you're thinking about creating an online course, it will no longer be ‘good enough’ to throw up a basic landing page you built off a template; you'll have to have custom branding and design.”



Why Alexa B. Creative & Design

Oh hey, that's me! Since 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of creative and passionate small business owners to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

My approach to design is built on partnership, collaboration and creating one-of-a-kind visuals that tell your unique story. I believe in a building strong relationship and friendship with each of my clients, as well as truly being a member of their team during our time together. 


If Designed to Launch sounds like everything you've been looking for, then I'd love to chat! Complete my contact form using the link below and from there, I can answer any questions you may have and make sure we would be a great fit.

frequently asked questions

How long will this take?

The Designed to Launch package is built on a streamlined, step-by-step process, ensuring you’ll get everything you need and an awesome experience. Typically, the process takes 4-6 weeks (not including development) and varies based on communication. My husband says I’m “over-organized”, so you won’t have to worry about waiting days for a response or missing deadlines with me.

When can we start?

Projects are booked on a rolling-basis throughout the year, which typically means we can get started right away! I’ll ask for everything I need upfront, but then you can kick back, relax and let me do the heavy lifting.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I proudly offer 2-month, 4-month and 6-month payment plans with no added interest or payment plan fees. The best part is your payment plan is independent of your design experience, so I’ll be able to hand over your deliverables as your payment plan continues.

What if I need social media graphics and other marketing collateral?

I’ve got you covered! You can select the marketing collateral the best fits your needs from the à la carte menu.

Is development (building your sales or landing page online) included?

If you have a developer on your team, I’ll hand over everything they need to build your page exactly as it was designed it to be (down to the pixel) and be available to answer any questions. If not, adding development coordination will ensure your page is built beautifully and functionally. I’ll flip through my (digital) rolodex of trusted development partners and find the one perfect for the job! Development costs are billed separately and prices will vary based on site functionality, timelines, and developer availability.

More questions?

Don't be shy — to get more information, please get in touch! I'm happy to answer any and all questions you might have about this package or any of my other design services.