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Laurie Hatfield Photography


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Since 2015, Laurie Hatfield has captured the stories of families in Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding areas. With a laid-back and lifestyle approach, Laurie focuses on capturing the connection and relationship between the family members she photographs. Her photography not only helps mothers feel less anxious about balancing the stress of motherhood and everyday life, but provides tangible memories for their children. Throughout the design process, we wanted to make sure Laurie's personality and unique approach was captured in each element, as well as create a style that would resonate with her target audience.

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Before I worked with Alexa, I was frustrated that I couldn’t make my website reflect what I wanted my potential clients to experience. My favorite part about working with Alexa was how organized the whole process was! I always knew exactly what step we were on, what my responsibilities were, and what I could expect next. She was also always quick to respond to my questions, and every part was always completed on time. My new site site feels like me and my brand, which is exactly what I wanted! Alexa makes the design process organized, efficient, and collaborative, resulting in a beautiful end product!
— Laurie Hatfield